The Great Inspiration Conference Kampala International University

By Otwari Dominic Oromo

The London-based New African Magazine named Dr. Emmanuel Taban as one of the most influential Africans of 2020 after using the procedure known as “Flexible fiberoptic bronchoscopy” in a novel way that saved the lives of many Covid patients.  The pulmonologist used this technique extract mucus that has collected in the air passages, helping them function normally without failure.

The emergence of the pulmonologist Dr. Emmanuel Taban created a sacred power, surprising the global attention who could not point out the true identity of a former refugee from Sudan civil war survived arrests, torture, and homelessness to become a doctor in South Africa who dared to fight against the global demonic pandemic (Covid-19) that ravaged the globe and stalled normal life having the entire human race helplessly waiting for a supernatural power to salvage the situation.

The great power of that being extra ordinary originated from his trust for humanity. Dr. Emmanuel Taban urged the South Sudanese Students during the inspirational conference hosted by Kampala International University to embrace peace and unity and shun tribally hatred as it’s a tool by individuals to achieve personal gains.  Each and everyone of us has a good side and bad side and the youth should know how to improve the good side and suppress the bad side.  This is how we can mold a changed generation. That point of view exemplified the great personality in him as a leader, mentor and role model which will help to create a fearless power of national solidarity.

Dr. Emmanuel Taban shared so many ideas to empower the youth, one of which is constructing a technical institute where the youth will be equipped with hands on fundamental skills such as building construction, solar installation, computer skills, electrical engineering and so many other skills that will equip the youth with interpersonal skills for job creation. Thus, the initiative will reduce idleness among the youth which may increase crime rate and insecurity in the young country with great potential. He has the faith in skilling the youth, their ability to change once they have been empowered and enlightened about their potential to cause a fundamental change. Its that moral philosophy that has shown through his miraculous life.

 In his sharing with the students, Dr. Emmanuel Taban stated that all South Sudanese, the offspring of the longest civil war regardless of their tribe, state and region shed the same blood and share the same love for a country. He called for the solidarity among the youth, all the stakeholders and social forces to support the initiative of constructing the school for the nation’s common benefit. He said “we will unite with those with positive attitude towards building South Sudan and who are able and willing to serve the country and the people”. With open-heartedness and tolerance he called for peace as he states, “Say No to war and Yes to Peace”.  This is to convert the youth from their wrong tribal perspective and make them vessels of change to clear out all the prejudice and attract everyone to the nation’s common cause. He emphasized close and wide unity “though we have different tribes and speak different languages, we all carry the same blood which is red thus we should be tolerant, promote equality and respect each other’s values”.

With the great inspiration, I urge my fellow youth to rise above the storm to support and conceive the great initiatives that will make our country a better place for all of us and the generations to come because the love for our country is precious and unity in diversity will bring glorious victory and we the youth are the only yeast. If wine is made it must be due to the rise. The building of our nation requires solidarity and collective effort and we the youth are the fine yeast our country has because we are the affected and majority population of about 70%.

The event was also attended by South Sudan’s ambassador to Russia, Ambassador Chol Tong Mayan.

Thank you to Ajah Tabitha Chol for organising this magnificent event.

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