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Dr Marian Kwofie-Mensah

Dr Marian Kwofie-Mensah, Paediatric Pulmonologist and Allergist, is excited and delighted to join the Lung Institute.

A specialist in the management of various acute and chronic respiratory illnesses or diseases in children especially where cough and difficulty in breathing is concerned which depresses the quality of life. She also has special interest in Intensive care management of children.

She completed her Diploma in Child health and Paediatric specialty at the University of Pretoria, Steve Biko Academic Hospital. She then received an awarded sponsorship from Nycomed to Sub-specialize in Allergology and Paediatric Pulmonology whilst at Steve Biko Academic Hospital.

Her passion for this career path grew steadily with the aim of reducing the never ending morbidity and mortality of childhood respiratory illnesses which remains very high globally.

Throughout her training, it was always a joy to see children breathe and smile affectionately with ease – An African dream she still has.

Having gone through her own personal experience with a child who had Allergic Asthma, fueled this desire even greater. As her child got better, she began to appreciate the comfort it gives a mother/parent to see their child breathe, play and sleep peacefully.

Her dream has been made even brighter with joining this excellent Lung Institute whose mission and purpose is in preventative medical practice, educational approach, empowerment and to improve the quality of life for all patients in its diversity and culture, young and old, far and near – A South African Dream.

She Loves life, laughs a lot and if not saving lives, enjoys her fitness program, watching TV (especially Tennis) or a movie sipping on a glass of wine.

It’s called Balance life.

Clean hands save lives - Wash your hands!

Personalized medical attention

We offer quick and personalized medical attention to our patients with high-quality virtual care. No hassles, you can choose not to leave your home. We use video platforms with complete data privacy.

Medical Consultation

Dr. Taban’s mission is to put quality primary healthcare in the hands of many.

Allergy Consultation

Consultations do not include procedures like Lung function and Allergy testing. These are only done if needed and can only be determined at the consultation.

Lung Function Test

Pulmonary function tests (PFTs) are noninvasive tests that show how well the lungs are working.

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