Novel Methods in the Treatment of Covid-19 Patients

Dr. Emmanuel Taban, a pulmonologist at Mediclinic Midstream, has become well-known for his novel methods in the treatment of Covid-19 patients.

Some people have hailed the lung specialist as a hero for saving the lives of critically-ill Covid-19 ventilator patients with his novel use of therapeutic bronchoscopies.

Dr. Taban’s treatment method involves the removal of mucus from the lungs of Covid-19 patients who aren’t responding to other interventions.

His pioneering procedure has not been approved by authorities, because it has been deemed to be too risky.

However, Dr. Taban says he only performs therapeutic bronchoscopies once he has exhausted all other avenues of treatment.

Dr. Taban’s work has become highly sought-after following a segment about him on the weekly investigative and current affair programme Carte Blanche.

Some have also been inspired by his personal story of overcoming adversity as a young refugee to become a world-class pulmonologist in South Africa.

Dr. Taban shares more about his remarkable life story and groundbreaking work with CapeTalk host Refilwe Moloto.

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